Willits Faire ~ May 2001

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Morgan's Compangnie Encampment

Below, from left to right: the colorfully striped "Paravilion" sunshade is the hub of the encampment which shades both Morgan's Compangnie and Faire-goers; the fiber arts demonstration area (in front of tree, can you see the two spinning wheels?); William's pavilion (white with dagging) serves as the central dining area; Ed, John and Harvey with the jolly boat, Faire-goer and gaff rig; Tony and Eileen's pavilion wherein games and nautical and domestic arts demonstrations were held.

Morgan's Compangnie Encampment. Find the Easter Eggs!

Not everyone who participated in the Morgan's Compangnie encampment is pictured, but everyone's efforts are visible. Eight pavilions and a boat take a big crew! Pulling together from hundreds of years of combined experience, the Compangnie creates on-going interactive interpretation of period activities for faire-goers and participants to enjoy. Passers-by are engaged in conversation, allowed to enter designated areas of the encampment and often invited to participate in certain activities and demonstrations.


Nautical Arts Demonstrations
Tarring the jolly boat.

A big attraction of Morgan's Compangie encampment was the ship's jolly boat --- a 14-foot pulling boat (rowboat) --- a gaff-rigged mast with sail, ship-building tools and a crew of saucy sailors.

Left: A Faire-goer interacts with John and Harvey as they sing sea chanteys and tar the ship's jolly boat.

Below: Harvey and Anthony demonstrate to Dale and Laura the art of splicing an eye onto a line. A parchment chart and a traverse board are on the table, and the ship's bell for time-keeping is on the chest in background.

Knot tying demonstration.


Domestic Arts & Period Cookery

Ongoing throughout the day were various domestic arts. The crew marches on its stomach, and Eileen is expert at keeping it well fed while demonstrating period cooking skills. Period firemaking and medicinal herbs were also employed.

Chain Mail Demonstration

Mike and Jordie were on hand to demonstrate the intricacies of making of chain mail.


Period costume isn't complete without leather garments and accessories and several of Morgan's Co. are gifted leatherworkers.


Colin, Lyssa and John took on all comers in a variety of period games including dice, hunker-hauser (a game of tug-o-war using strength and skill) and the tower of blocks (similar to modern "Jenga").


Fiber Arts Demonstrations

Doranna and Holly maintained an on-going natural dyeing demonstration (not pictured), plus wool carding, spinning on drop spindles and two styles of wheels (Castle and Saxony), and card weaving and inkle weaving. As with all Morgan's Compangnie demonstrations, the public is encouraged to enter the encampment, ask questions and participate (several Faire participants gave spinning a try !).

Right: Dyed wool and dyestyff samples, assorted fiber samples of wool, linen and silk.

Below: Weaving, spinning and tatting samples, selected bibliography handout.

Weaving and spinning samples.

Dyeing and fiber samples.

See dyed samples and read more about the natural dye demonstration.


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