Other Nautical Activities & Reenactments


John "Jean Gabier" Jacques at Civil War Days, Fortuna.

Civil War Days 2001

Members of Morgan's Compangnie portray British blockade runners during the American Civil War.

From left: Colin Smithers (under awning), John Jacques and Tony Smithers speak to "civilians" visiting the encampment.

Morgan's Compangnie receives commendation for their authentic encampment and period deportment.

Back row: William Kohse, John Jacques, Tony Smithers, Ed Frey, and presenter of award (unidentified). Front row: Harvey II, Colin Smithers.


Pirate Faire, 2000

Members of Morgan's Compangnie are up to no good at a pirate-themed Renassance Faire in Ojai, Southern California.

From left: Tony Smithers, Mike Rude, Harvey II, John Jacques.



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